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Dongguan brand new MITSUBISHI EDM filter wholesale

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EDM filter plays a very important role in our WEDM processing. Choosing a good filter manufacturer will make the WEDM processing more smoothly. As long as we usually pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, the service life of the filter is very long. Mitsubishi EDM Filter is a filter specially used for Mitsubishi machine tool processing. The following is an introduction to Dongguan brand new Mitsubishi EDM filter manufacturer --- KENOS.
KENOS is the largest wholesale center of Mitsubishi EDM filter in Dongguan. Our filters have an accurate and efficient filtering system. Different specifications of filters can be produced according to different requirements of customers. At the same time, we will be the best price, the highest quality Mitsubishi EDM filter and the best after-sales service to meet your requirements.
In addition to Mitsubishi filters, we also provide other brands of EDM filters and Wire edm wear parts, mainly: EDM resin, conductive blocks, copper wire, diamond guide, we have advanced production equipment and experienced technicians, so choose us, is your most correct choice.
We firmly believe that good quality and good service is the foundation of enterprise management, purchase Mitsubishi EDM filter choose KENOS, hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

Mitsubishi EDM Filter

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