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Daily maintenance methods of Sodick AQ series Machine tool

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Mastering some daily maintenance methods can greatly prolong the service life of the WEDM machine tool, and also can improve work efficiency. Therefore, we summarized daily maintenance methods of Sodick AQ series machine tool, hoping to help you.
1 (Daily) Check the cleanliness of upper and lower nozzles, remove dirt with detergent, and replace in case of damage
2 check whether the fixed bolts of the sacrificial motor are loose, and replace the aging electrode in time.
3 pay attention to the cleanliness of the guide wire of the upper guide.
4 check the attachment of chips in the processing fluid box, use brush and air gun to clean.
5 check the rotation of the pulley B, rotate the pulley under the condition that the electrode wire is not connected, replace the pulley without rotation.
6 check the amount of wire in the waste box, and use the electrode wire to discard in time.
7 check and adjust the perpendicularity, use the rust spot of the clamp, remove the rust spot and spray the oil and keep it.
8 check the volume of processing fluid and replenish the processing fluid in time.
9 Check the display value of the filter pressure gauge. If the display value of the filter pressure gauge is above 0.2 MPa, replace the filter.
10 check whether the air pressure is within the specified value, check whether the display table on the air filter regulator reaches 0.5MPa.
11 check whether there is water leakage in the piping.
12 check the indication value of water quality meter.
13. Whether the JET AWT nozzle can be sprayed vertically or not. Clean and replace the lower guide nozzle when the jet is not vertical.
14 Verify the consumption of power block, change the position of conductive block every 50 hours, remove dirt with detergent.
15 clean the electrode part of the liquid level sensor of the upper arm and remove dirt with brush sand paper.
16 check the cleanliness of the jet flowmeter and remove dirt from the flowmeter.
17 check the gap between the guide nozzle and the bow and arrow.

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