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KENOS Wire edm wear parts precision is increasing

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Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-quality Wire edm wear parts. The company's main products include EDM filter, resin, diamond wire guides, conductive block and so on. In recent years, KENOS's Wire edm wear parts precision and quality are increasingly improved.
The improvement of Wire edm wear parts precision is beneficial to improve the machining accuracy of WEDM. Multi-cutting technology is the fundamental means to improve the accuracy and surface quality of low-speed WEDM. It is a scientific integration of design and manufacture technology, numerical control technology, intelligent technology, pulse power technology, precision transmission and control technology. Generally, the surface quality is improved by one-time cutting, two-time cutting and more than three-time cutting. In order to achieve high quality surface, the number of times of cutting is up to 7~9 times. Now it only needs 3~4 times.

Wire edm wear parts precision and quality are increasingly improved 

The higher the Wire edm wear parts precision, the higher the machining accuracy of the machine tool and the longer the service life. Nowadays, many wire-cutting enterprises are studying better cutting technology. As a supplier of Wire edm wear parts accessories, we also need to constantly innovate, constantly improve the Wire edm wear parts precision, and constantly develop new products.
KENOS will follow the pace of the times and provide our customers with quality products and best services.

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