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KENOS EDM Hole Drilling spare parts--Electrode copper tube

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The copper tube for EDM Hole Drilling machine, also known as electrode copper tube, is generally used for EDM drilling. Its working principle is to use continuous vertical movement of fine copper tube (called electrode tube) as the electrode. The special electrode copper tube for punching machine is generally less than 3mm in diameter. It can be divided into H65 brass and T2 red copper according to material, and into single and multi-hole according to structure.
Different electrode copper tube should be used when machining different parts. Brass electrode tube is required for workpiece steel (SKD-11 for example) and red copper electrode tube is required for workpiece tungsten steel (KG5, W88%, CO12% for example). red copper electrode tube is used for Brass work piece, Electrode copper tube for aluminium work piece and brass electrode tube for graphite work piece.
Meanwhile, when replacing electrode copper, we should pay attention to:

1. install the electrode copper tube to avoid the bending of the electrode copper tube, then install the copper tube electrode on the sealing ring.

2. Make the copper tube electrode extend the sealing ring of water stop from 2mm to 3mm, insert the copper tube electrode into the copper tube, and insert the electrode chuck above the copper tube electrode chuck body.

3. Tighten the sealing ring on the electrode chuck, install the body of the electrode chuck on the spindle and tighten (not too tight).

4.check whether the copper tube is in the center of the chuck。

electrode copper tube

EDM Hole Drilling spare parts - EDM tubes produced by Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. uses the best raw materials. It has the characteristics of high verticality, good internal and external surface finish, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The basic specifications are 0.2-3.0 mm and the length is 200/400/500 mm. If other specifications of copper electrode are needed, we can also customize it for you.

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