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What you need to know about wire cutting equipment

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As we all know, wire cutting equipment is one of the most used machining equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, for friends engaged in wire cutting, the long-term benefits lie in the good use of wire cutting equipment, and whether to maintain it.
1.Introduction of wire cutting equipment

WEDM was first invented in the former Soviet Union in 1960, but China was the first country to use it in industrial production. The instantaneous high temperature produced by electric spark can be corroded by local metal melting and oxidation. Wire cutting machine is invented on the basis of this principle, so it belongs to mechanical equipment in the field of electrical processing.
2.What are the components of the wire cutting equipment?

The wire cutting equipment consists of three parts: mechanical, electrical, and working hydraulic system.
3.How to improve the machining efficiency of WEDM equipment?

Cutting efficiency is affected by two main factors, one is the current carrying capacity of the wire, the other is that the erosion in the slit can not be removed in time. In view of the two main reasons affecting the processing efficiency, the corresponding efforts should be made in the following aspects to improve the processing speed: 1. Increasing the eneron the current carrying capacity of the wire, the pulse interval should be increased accordingly so that the average current does not increase too much. 2. Maintain the dielectric coefficient and insulation strength of the coolant, maintain a high spark explosive force and cleaning capacity, so as to minimize the short-circuit effect of the etchant on the pulse; 3. Improve the sensitivity of frequency conversion tracking. Increase pulse utilization.

Whether it's a wire cutting equipment, EDM equipment or other processing equipment, we need careful maintenance, in order to maintain long-term interests.

What you need to know about wire cutting equipment

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