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Dongguan KENOS hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

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"Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd" - - This is the most resounding name in China's Wire edm wear parts processing industry, and is also the best brand among China's EDM spare parts manufacturers. It represents the industry's highest requirements and the latest technological progress.
Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. produces Wire edm wear parts which are the highest standards in China. It represents reliable, practical, accurate and the latest processing concept. The main products are: EDM filter, ion exchange resin, diamond wire guides, conductive block, insulating plate, water nozzle, rust remover, discharge chuck, discharge filter, fixture, binder plate, screw, powerful magnet, etc.
Faced with the complex market environment, Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. can always adhere to its business philosophy, constantly improve itself, increase research and development, introduce technology, promote manufacturing, and bring the generation of EDM consumables with the latest technology to the market. KENOS, an enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales, has become a leader in China's EDM wear parts Wholesaler after decades of hard work and innovation and reform.
At the same time, we are striving to improve the company's cultural and economic strength, committed to improving product quality, and strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and good services.

Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd

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