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KENOS's second supplier conference successfully convened

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Recently, KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. held its second supplier conference on the theme of "striving to build a trust relationship and create a better future together". At the meeting, Mr. Wang mainly analyzed the current situation of the EDM wear parts Processing industry, the close relationship between KENOS and suppliers, and the prospects for the future.
As we all know, China has entered a long depression, and the EDM wear parts Processing industry has suffered a lot. Many companies have not ordered for a long time and will soon go bankrupt. At this time, if customers can give us orders, indicating that they trust us very much, we should be more grateful, should cherish. Our relationship with suppliers is interdependent, so we take this opportunity to hope that all suppliers can unite and strive to improve the quality of EDM wear parts, ensure delivery time, and pass this difficult period of EDM wear parts Processing industry together. 
After listening to the analysis of the status quo of the EDM wear parts Processing industry, suppliers said they would do their best to work hand in hand with KENOS. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, we will be able to successfully pass the depression.

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