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Min Order Quantity:

10 Pieces

FOB Price:


Port :   


Production Capacity :

900 Pieces per Week

Delivery Time :


Payment Terms :

T/T,Western Union...

Packaging Details :

Recycle plastic box with

sponge and PE bag

Additional Information

Name Coding Specification Compatible Kenos model
Brother Wire Guide upper&lower 63299200, 632993000, 632994000,632984000,632985000 0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3mm Brother HS-3100 without AWF, Brother HS-3600 without AWF, Brother HS-50A without AWF, Brother HS-5100 without AWF, Brother HS-70A without AWF C101

Advantages of Brother Wire Guide upper&lower

1.Using high quality raw materials(diamond ,ceramic ,stainless steel)
2.High precision, wear resistance, long service life
3.Easy assembly and high efficiency
4.Supply related EDM spare parts, one-stop shopping
5.Perfect after-sales service

Brother Wire Guide upper&lower supplier

The WEDM machine brand, such as,Brother machine, MITSUBISHI, Chmer, I believe that friends have heard of them. Do you know brother EDM wire parts, taking Brother Wire Guide upper&lower for example, which is suitable for various types of Brothers EDM. and Brother Wire Guide upper&lower is a kind of Brother wire EDM wear parts, which made in KENOS Wire edm wear parts supplier.
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