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Min Order Quantity:

10 Pieces

FOB Price:


Port :   


Production Capacity :

900 Pieces per Week

Delivery Time :


Payment Terms :

T/T,Western Union...

Packaging Details :

Recycle plastic box with

sponge and PE bag

Additional Information





KENOS model

Diffuser ceramic


Ø 1.8 mm

Agie/Charmilles (CUT 20, CUT 20 P,  CUT 200, CUT 30,CUT 30 P, CUT 300,CUT 400); Charmilles(FI 100, FI1020, FI 1020.1, FI1020SI, FI 200,FI 2000, FI 2020, FI 2020.1,FI 2020SI, FI 2030SI, FI 2030SI-TW, FI 230F, FI 240, FI 240 CC, FI 240 CCS,FI 240 SL,FI 240 SLP, FI 290, FI 290 P, FI 310, FI 330 F, FI 390, FI 400, FI 4020, FI 4020.1, FI 4020SI, FI 4030SI, FI 4030SI-TW, FI 440, FI 440 CC,FI 440 CCS,FI 440 SL, FI 440 SLP, FI 510, FI 600, FI 6020, FI 6020.1, FI 6020SI, FI 6030SI, FI 6030SI-TW, FI 640 CC, FI 640 CCS,FI 690)


Diffuser ceramic Supplier

Advantages of Diffuser ceramic

1.Using high quality raw materials(diamond ,ceramic ,stainless steel)
2.High precision, wear resistance, long service life
3.Easy assembly and high efficiency
4.Supply related EDM spare parts, one-stop shopping
5.Perfect after-sales service

Diffuser ceramic is one of the wire guides  products of Dongguan KENOS Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., and diffuser ceramic applies to The type of machine Charmilles EDM, as shown in the table.And it is a kind EDM spare parts product of KENOS, it also called Charmillesr EDM accessories too.

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