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Min Order Quantity:

10 Pieces

FOB Price:


Port :   


Production Capacity :

900 Pieces per Week

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Payment Terms :

T/T,Western Union...

Packaging Details :

Recycle plastic box with

sponge and PE bag

Additional Information

Name Coding Specification Compatible Kenos model
Super wire edm filter for MITSUBISHI SEIBU 340*300*A20mm Max operation pressure: 198kPa 3,Resistance to pressure: 294kPa 4,Filter surface area: 16m2 5,Expected service life: 480-960hours 6,Flower direction:Inside to outside 7,filtration rating: 3u 8,1pc/box, 2pc/carton MITSUBISHI DWC-B,SB,A,SA,Z,SZ,P,CX,FX,AQ,PA,PX,RA,FA,BA,NA SEIBU EW-K,A,B,C,K,M MAKINO EA,EC,EE,EQ,EH,QH,U CENTECH JOEMARS KS-43

The performance characteristics of the Super wire edm filter for MITSUBISHI SEIBU

1.50% more filtration volume than normal filter.

2.3um original imported Japanese filter paper, long service life, shaping perfect quality

3.It adopts a specially durable filter layer, and the shell is made of rustproof metal mesh, which is durable.

4.The special filter design can make the workpiece have better smoothness and avoid secondary discharge and wire breakage.

5.When the pump is turned off after processing, the dirt in the filter will automatically settle to the bottom, so as to maintain a good filtering effect and stable water pressure during reprocessing, and the filter can also have a longer life.

Super wire edm filter for MITSUBISHI SEIBU

KENOS MITSUBISHI WEDM filter, SEIBU WEDM filter and other EDM filters have passed the ISO9001 quality certification and China Environmental Protection Mechanical Filter System and EU CE certification. In addition to selling several major domestic provinces and cities, but also exported to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other markets, quality and service are trusted by customers.

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